• Personal Code of Conduct

    Founder Empathy

    Startups are hard, and fundraising is rough. I have been in your shoes as a former founder. Therefore, I am transparent about my thinking, process, conflicts of interest, competitors in our portfolio or the likelihood of an investment. I will not string you along.

    Mutual Respect

    I respect your time by maximizing remote meetings, being on time and letting you know in advance about delays or rescheduling. I read and understand all materials that you send me at least one day before. I will focus on you (and not my phone or email) during our meetings.


    I educate before I negotiate. I am frank about the market range for investment terms. I seek a fair equity stake in your business that incentivizes the best spread of startup outcomes. If we have partnered, I will act in the best interests of the company, respond promptly at all times and be personally there for you rain or shine.

  • How To Use Jeremy

    Honestly, most investors over-promise and under-deliver. I'd rather just promise and deliver.


    I love helping by:

    • Nurturing the private founder peer circle which you will join for community support and help
    • Product-market fit, unit economics and business models discussions
    • Fundraising your next round by building a great deck storyboard, target list and pitch coaching
    • Launch, marketing and distribution strategy (mostly using podcasts, influencers and word-of-mouth)
    • Saying great things about you to press, prospective talent, and other investors
    • Referring in talent or introductions across my network from time to time
    • Getting out of your way to do your thing (including signing all the logistics swiftly)

    You can add other investors better at:

    • Engineering or technical leadership
    • Product or UX design
    • Being a dedicated talent recruiter
    • Financial accounting, systems and taxes
    • Understanding Europe, Africa or South America as end-markets

    Please reach out to me at any hour. I have notifications set up so I'll only get alerted when I want to. If it's urgent, Whatsapp me for the fastest response.

    • WhatsApp (I'll send my # to you post-investment)
    • Videocall (I'll send you my Calendly link post-investment too)

    Inspired by Sahil Lavingia

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