BRAVE: Untold Founding Stories of RedMart & JFDI, Being Arrested for Suicide and Vietnam Market Dive

April 2023 Newsletter

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Happy to share that 12,000+ listeners now tune in every month to the BRAVE Southeast Asia Tech podcast! That’s the size of a small indoor stadium. Based on listener feedback, we’ve started uploading high-resolution video podcasts to both Spotify and YouTube - so feel free to subscribe there or at Apple Podcasts. We will also return to a Monday news and Thursday interview & Q&A cadence moving forward.

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The BRAVE founder community had tea and snacks in lieu of a hike due to the rain. If you’re a current founder who’d like to join us on April 30, 3-5pm for the Macritchie TreeTop Walk in Singapore, please reply to this email and we’ll add you to our community!

We’d like to congratulate Wing Vasiksiri on WV, his second solo GP fund for Southeast Asia. Check out his episode on US vs. Southeast Asia VC, mimetic desire, and paradoxical decisions.

Projjal Ghatak was recently featured at Bloomberg and spoke about sub-optimal hybrid teams and how OnLoop brings fairer, more productive outcomes for teams. Check out his episode on Uber war stories, experiences at Stanford GSB and founder safety nets.

Grace Sai was in The Peak magazine for her advocacy and cofounding Unravel Carbon, helping large or medium-sized companies to assess and reduce their carbon emissions through its AI platform. Check out her episode on social entrepreneurship, how a scholarship changed her life, and building a purpose-driven life.

Best Read

Pluralistic: Tiktok's enshittification by the sci-fi writer Cory Doctorow is a crystallized thesis of the pro-regulation open Internet lobby (yeah, it does sound contradictory). “Enshittification” refers to tech platforms (e.g. Facebook, Amazon and Twitter) that start out providing value to their users, then eventually shift to “abusing” users to benefit business customers, and eventually taking advantage of business customers to benefit themselves. In response, he advocates for “end-to-end” and “right to exit” consumer rights.

I’d also like to give a shoutout to Jon Russell for resuming Asia Tech Review after a lengthy hiatus. I enjoy his outline of Asia’s tech news and analysis of emerging trends. His writing style is engaging, informative, and easy to follow. Check it out!


"Most of us have weak decision-making muscles. We do not realize what it means to make a real decision. We fail to recognize the force of change that a truly congruent, committed decision makes. The word "decision" comes from Latin roots, with de meaning "down" or "away from" and caedere meaning "to cut." Therefore, a decision means cutting from any other possibility. A true decision means you are committed to achieving a result and cutting yourself off from any other possibility. Committed decisions show up in two places: your calendar and your bank account. No matter what you say you value, or even think your priorities are, you have only to look at last year's calendar and bank account to see the decisions you have made about what you truly value. See how you have reserved your time. Look at your expenditures. Those are the trails to the decisions you have made." Carole Hildebrand

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