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    Hosted By Jeremy Au

    VC & serial founder. Harvard MBA & UC Berkeley. Sci-fi nerd & dad of two daughters. Growth and personal growth solves all problems. The best feeling is coaching good humans to be great leaders.

    Monday & Thursday 6am (Singapore Time)

    Monday: Weekly tech news & debate with Shiyan Koh, Managing Partner of Hustle Fund (40min). Thursday: Changemaker interviews & listener Q&As (30min).

    For Founders, VCs & Tech Leaders

    Community of listeners and guests across Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia & the Philippines. Global top 10% podcast. Pro bono resources and training for founders.

  • "Learned a lot from the journeys. Must-listen for anyone seeking advice to be a leader"


    "Refreshing to hear from distinguished founders what they learned, both the good & bad"


    "Incredibly useful in kickstarting my thought process around customers as an entrepreneur"


    "After tuning into a couple of episodes, this is now my weekly routine. Keep it up!!"


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