BRAVE: RSVP 4 Year Anniversary, Indonesia Electoral Consequences, Taylor Swift Economics, Growth Hacking Unicorns and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) vs. FOBO (Fear of Better Option)

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Joseph Ling is spotlighted in TTG Asia for innovating the hospitality industry with Vouch HOME, a new back-end solution suite enhancing hotel operations from housekeeping to engineering. Read about his transition from a civil servant to a founder and his pivot psychology.

Jianggan Li highlights the emerging challenges for e-commerce and rapidly shifting business models in The Star. Check out his episode on venture building lessons and the lessons learned by prior Chinese tech companies expanding into Southeast Asia.

Todd Schweitzer, CEO and Founder at Brankas, was in an IBS Intelligence article for the company’s partnership with PeekUp Pay to revolutionize ride-hailing payments in the Philippines. Read about his insights on founder learning curves and complementary distributed teaming.

Anna Haotanto, CEO of Zora Health, was spotlighted by The Straits Times for building the ' for fertility solutions.' Learn more about her perspective on failure stigma in Asia and ordeals that she had previously faced as a founder.

Raffy Montemayor, Co-founder of Salmon, announced via Business Wire the launch of their fintech bank and opening 8.88% deposit rate to set a new standard for savings in the Philippines. Check out Raffy’s episode on the Philippines' underbanked market and his country General Manager learnings from Carousell and Agoda.


Press Features

  • CNA Insider’s Talking Point: Host Diana Ser interviews Jeremy and other guests on live TV about personal tech retrenchment stories, the corporate realities & context behind layoffs and Singapore labor market regulations vs. peer countries
  • ALLSET. Founder Jing Zhi Chua interviews Jeremy on the deep-rooted human desire for wealth and health and the scientific validation of longevity technology

Best Read

"How to Break into Silicon Valley" by Andrew Chen is a great guide on how to build a strong network when entering a new startup ecosystem. Frankly, there is a high career expected value (EV) for young techies to head to San Francisco to learn from the tech talent vortex and cut their teeth on the boom-and-bust cycle of startups there. However, there is still value for folks looking to build their beachhead in a new industry vertical or geography.



“If you know something’s going to work, it’s not worth working on. It requires no courage. It requires no faith. It requires no skin in the game. Whether you’re a spy or a teacher or a spouse or a painter or an abuela or an astronaut or a monk or a barista or a board-game designer, the bits that matter are the bits you make matter by putting yourself on the line for them. The unknown is the foundry where you forge your chips. Everything important is uncertain. Sitting with the discomfort of that uncertainty is the hard part, the wedge that can move the world.” – Eliot Peper, Author and Entrepreneur


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