BostInno: "Meet the 145 Startups in the Harvard Innovation Labs Fall Cohort"

By Lucia Maffei

· Cozykin,Press

We got them all.

Across the i-lab, Launch Lab and Life Lab, there’s a total of 145 teams in the fall cohort of the Harvard Innovation Labs. The industry breakdown is as follows: 46 health and life sciences ventures, 33 consumer product and services ventures, 33 social impact ventures and 33 technology and B2B ventures.

We’re already familiar with some of them, including Day Zero Diagnostics, which is working against antibiotic resistance, and Experfy, which connects employers with data scientists.

Here’s the full list of the 145 ventures, a fascinating catalog of ideas and goals (descriptions provided):

Health and Life Sciences

Cancer and HIV

• Aldatu Biosciences is a biotechnology company applying its proprietary genotyping platform — PANDAA — to the development of innovative diagnostics designed to address unmet clinical needs in infectious disease. Aldatu’s lead product is a low-cost HIV-drug-resistance genotyping test designed to guide clinical decision-making in resource-limited healthcare settings.

• General Biotechnologies sources exciting biomedical projects from tech transfer. Our lead program, Nivien Therapeutics, develops small molecules to enhance IO-chemo combos.

• UrSure is an HIV prevention company focused on helping doctors identify which of their patients are not taking their HIV preventive medications.

• Shepherd Therapeutics is a patient-centered biotechnology company aimed at developing drugs and therapies for a portfolio of rare cancers.

• WntRx Pharmaceuticals’ goal is to improve health outcomes for cancer patients by targeting the historically “undruggable” Wnt signaling pathway.


• Akouos is developing novel therapies and delivery systems to prevent hearing loss and restore hearing in genetically-defined patient populations.

• Blue Therapeutics is developing potent, non-addictive painkillers.

• GRO Biosciences produces high-value protein therapeutics in microbes that must traditionally be made inexpensive mammalian systems.

• Octagon Therapeutics has developed a novel screening technology for identifying drug candidates with efficacy against highly resistant bacterial infections.

• Riparian Pharmaceuticals is translating novel biology of the blood vessel wall into new therapeutics to promote vascular health.

Prevention and Diagnosis

• AirCrew develops advanced catalytic materials to address global needs for air purification for residential, industrial, and automotive sectors.

• Arbothera is creating a rapid response platform to combat global infectious diseases by designing “hyper” rational vaccines based on pathogen genomics and host immunological pathways.

• Accure Health is a smart diagnostics company. They develop and integrate miniaturized biosensor technologies and digital healthcare solutions to enable fast, cost-effective, and highly-accurate cancer diagnosis in point-of-care settings, and to facilitate real-time patient monitoring and personalized treatment.

• Blue Skies reduces the health toll of air pollution.

• Day Zero Diagnostics is focused on antibiotic resistance prediction using whole genome sequencing for fast diagnosis of bacterial infections.

• Jane Diagnostics has developed an accurate and affordable point-of-care diagnostic test to rapidly expand access to cervical cancer screening.

• Parsagen Diagnostics is currently developing medical devices focused on Women’s Health.


• PlenOptika is enabling eye care for all with the QuickSee — a simple, affordable device that prescribes eyeglasses at the push of a button.

• PathoVax has developed a vaccine that prevents all cancers caused by HPV, which we are advancing into human clinical trials.

• Vaxess enables next-generation vaccines. The company has advanced two platforms: Matrix, a formulation and drying system that reduces the need for cold storage of vaccines and diagnostics, and Mimix, a sustained-release patch for delivery of vaccines and therapeutics, offering simplified administration and enhanced efficacy.

Medical Devices

• Agile Devices aims to transform a wide variety of interventional procedures, resulting in improved patient outcomes and large cost savings.

• AUGMENTx plays a visual mind trick on the brain using augmented reality to accelerate neurological recovery in patients.

• Cellino enables gene therapy companies to deliver gene-editing cargo to cells with ease and exceptional performance.

• Gel4Med focuses on engineering smart materials to solve challenging problems in regenerative medicine.

• Harmonus makes a MRI-guided prostate biopsy system to improve diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer through visualization and targeting of tumors.

• Lynceus is making ultrasound exams for potentially lethal medical issues so easy that they could be performed by any health care provider instead of a specialist.

• Medical Surface develops innovative coating technologies that improves the biocompatibility and performance of implanted and wearable biosensors/medical devices.

• miniPCR’s mission is to give everyone access to DNA experimentation. Our miniPCR machine enables DNA analysis at a fraction of the cost and through a simple and educational interface.

• Obsidio Medical is restoring health and extending life by stopping unwanted blood flow through vessels anywhere in the body.

• Raiing provides wireless thermometers for continuous temperature monitoring and fertility tracking.

• X-Cor Therapeutics is inventing dialysis for lung function.

• Z Imaging is developing an augmented reality system to help surgeons operate safer and faster.

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Digital and Healthcare Technologies

• Apio enables healthcare providers to hire and manage temporary staff in an effective and efficient manner through its proprietary technology.

• Avant-garde Health empowers hospitals and clinicians with information and insights to deliver the highest quality, most cost-effective care.

• Catalog is revolutionizing data storage by harnessing DNA, a material that is one million times more compact and one hundred times longer lasting than contemporary data storage mediums.

• Herald delivers doctors the patient data they need, when they need it.

• Hurt Technologies Inc. is building an AI assistant to drive the use of preventative care to lower healthcare costs for individuals and increase revenue for doctors.

• Immunity Health organizes complex medical data and makes it useful to hospitals and researchers.

• Memora Health is a virtual health coach in your pocket. We help care teams automate patient instructions and FAQ 24/7 and rapidly triage symptoms.

• Nella takes the annoying experience of getting triage advice for acute medical illnesses by putting on-demand access to healthcare in everyone’s hands.

• TetraScience is applying the Internet-of-Things to laboratories.

• Welly connects primary care physicians and specialists to better care for the self-pay patient who is paying for healthcare out-of-pocket.

• XGenomes believes that gene sequencing is critical for sustaining healthy societies, but that current technologies do not meet the required specifications for doing so.

Health and Wellness

• BeBabyFit delivers a digital health platform to planning couples to improve preconception health and improve health outcomes for both the baby and the mother.

• Checkmate is a smartphone app created to both monitor and motivate blood-glucose tracking.

• Gain Life delivers lifestyle-focused digital health coaching to combat serious, but preventable, chronic disease.

Technology and B2B

B2B and Enterprise Teams

• Ace-up aims to be the go-to marketplace for coaches. Our mission is to help coaches develop their business and help people get better coaching.

• Aday is a B2B human resources and operation platform that enables a paradigm to hire, schedule, and train employees.

• Covalent Networks is a web-based platform that administers workforce development programs between employers, educators, and economic development agencies.

• Ditto helps companies use their sales data to find high performing stores, avoid bad ones, and allocate inventory using demographic data.

• helps apartment building owners improve property income by creating a sense of community for residents through our app and event experiences.

• Evisort is using artificial intelligence to help lawyers organize, manage, and gain insight from their legal documents.

• Experfy is a Big Data and analytics consulting marketplace.

• Faktor is democratizing the hardware product development process by helping independent product companies source engineers and manufacturers.

• FulFill is matching supply and demand of warehousing space in the fragmented EU market and abstraction layer (only one intermediary) for value added services.

• GigLync provides under-served blue collar employees better access to hourly jobs while improving the way employers manage hourly workforce today

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• GroupX seeks to make every group fitness class awesome by being the Spotify of workout plans for gyms and their trainers.

• Keyturn is the first and only fully-connected marketplace for the construction supply chain.

• Kimono helps your company outperform by providing sales and marketing benchmarks that show how your competitors go to market.

• Komodo Technologies brings a unique mix of creativity, analytics, and code to help you realize your vision.

• OZÉ is the business advisor in the pocket of every African entrepreneur. It’s a mobile app that turns transactions into business insights.

• StatusQuota provides sales technology tools to help sales reps and executives get more out of the software they use today.

• Suggestion Box provides a digital suggestion box for a company’s employees.

• Tempo is a trusted exchange for sensitive data.

• Torch (formerly Denttia) simplifies the ordering of dental supplies for dentists saving them time and money.

• Waypoint is revolutionizing the way the workforce of the future will capture, distribute and consume knowledge through augmented reality.

• Zoid Domain Awareness analyzes managers’ video feed data and report back to them with meaningful insights.


• AdmitHub makes the college admissions process awesome for everyone involved.

• AirFox reduces the cost of mobile data for consumers by enabling carriers to monetize their data networks.

• Bounce Imaging builds throwable tactical cameras and sensors to keep first responders safe.

• BrandQR takes brands, logos and graphics and turn them into fully functioning QR codes!

• CocoVerse is building molecular visualization software for virtual reality.

• Frank is a personal, no-BS, no-judgment, real-time career mentor that helps college students more successfully navigate the school-to-work transition.

• Julia Computing brings a fresh approach to technical computing, an area that is held hostage by programming languages with designs that are many decades old.

• PayDown builds loan servicing technology for student, home, auto, and personal debt.

• Smarty is an AI-powered assistant for scheduling. It manages your meetings, tasks, and other deadlines while learning how to automate your to-dos.

• Veho Technologies is building software and mobile app that allows anyone to deliver packages in their own car, and enables delivery companies to better manage drivers.

• VeifAI is developing fraud detection using computer vision and machine learning.

• Zoba uses machine learning to predict areas that are at higher risk for crime and terrorism.


Consumer Technology

• Limitless Laptop is creating the fastest laptop in the world.

• PHIAR combines artificial intelligence and augmented reality into a new form of in-car GPS system for enhanced safety and more intuitive navigation.

• Nix is a consumer diagnostic company currently developing its initial product: a wearable hydration sensor that empowers athletes to manage their hydration status in real-time.

• TarDisk lets you double your onboard MacBook storage by adding 256GB of Secure, Seamless, Storage. A simple, tool‐free hardware platform.


• Jaxxed is a bold fashion accessories brand that supports education and workforce development opportunities for underserved youth.

• Lendelux is a service that allows luxury retail brands to rent high-end merchandise to customers.


• The Wardrobe Essentialist helps professional men make a great impression in today’s meetings, using their wardrobe.

• Unsize eliminates the uncertainty of “Will if fit me?” during the online shopping process through a webapp and connected hardware device.

Food & Agriculture

• Cache Chocolate crafts delicious truffles to delight food lovers and support cacao farming communities. Each box purchased provides one student lunch.

• Growy is empowering individuals to successfully grow their own plants and connect to a network of urban farmers.

• Lazy Bear is a naturally sweet, lightly caffeinated beverage made from ingredients typically viewed as waste in the coffee production process.

• RiceBox delivers snacks and lifestyle items from Asia’s trusted brands to give Asian students cultural comfort.

• Voodles is reinventing dry pasta by making it entirely from vegetables, thereby transforming a high-calorie starch into something light and healthy.

Media and Content

• Janus is a news reading platform that uses machine learning and natural language processing to fact check and identify news bias in articles.

• Credly is a platform for managing and distributing data-rich digital badges representing skills and certifications that are verified by third parties.

• E Pluribus empowers youth to share actionable content on the issues they truly care about.

• Moderator makes it fun and easy for readers to see the same news stories presented multiple ways, showing opinions on all sides of a debate.

• Peek finds all of the events happening (on campus) without subscribing to a single email list.

• RadioPublic helps listeners discover, engage with and reward the creators of podcasts. We are a Public Benefit Corporation, launched with founding partner PRX – the home of Radiotopia, This American Life, The Moth and more.

• Small Batch is a daily world news podcast in 5-ish minutes.

Home and Life

• Arcbazar is the first-of-its-kind crowdsourcing platform for architectural, interior and landscape design projects.

• Cozy Kin is Airbnb plus childcare: families sharing great nannies.

• Forget-Me-Not reminds you of someone’s name by sending a push notification to your phone when that person is nearby.

• Getmii lets users broadcast their needs to people nearby, and connect with the people that can help them best.

• MoneyPlant is offering convenient access to employees’ earned income through affordable short-term loans.

• Nestead builds a mobile inventory of your possessions, so busy households can easily shop online.

• Orca is a travel recommendation company.

• Steele Funeral Service is revolutionizing funeral service by incorporating technology to provide customers with personalization at a price point they can afford.

• Studio Wood is making your furniture smarter.

Sports & Games

• connects brands to video game players for authentic product sponsorships.

• First Touch is a sophisticated performance optimization tool for teams, clubs, and professional associations built around the companies integrated suite of mobile apps.

• Retroactive sportswear inspired by the 80s and 90s, uses the most advanced materials available and is environmentally and socially sustainable.

• SWEDISH FALL GmbH is striving to take cheerleading sportswear (and shoes) to the next level.

Social Impact, Education and Culture

Social impact and cultural

• Anuel Energy is using crowdfunding to channel energy loans to African households and leveraging mobile money to collect the loan repayments.

• Bluelaces creates immersive, multi-sensory theatrical experiences for people of all ages with autism and other developmental disabilities.

• COCO Music Series aims to desegregate classical music by presenting musicians and composers of color in the classical idiom alongside other genres.

• Coding it Forward inspires and empowers people to use their tech skills for social good.

• Community Collective is a platform connecting friends/family to save as a group to: build savings, access affordable loans, and improve credit scores.

• EasySolar offers a low-cost, portable, solar generator for easy deployment in remote areas that can be used as an easy and quick power source.

• EatWell makes healthy eating more accessible to low-income urban families, reducing cost and inconvenience barriers with a 30 minute one pot meal kit.

• Find Your North uses machine learning to enable job seekers to obtain quick, personalized, affordable and reliable career services, and refer peers for jobs.

• Growing Communities integrates backyard farming technology and a distributed agriculture model to commercially grow vegetables & fish in economically-challenged communities.

• Gusto & Gecko build children’s awareness and empathy for cultures around the world through quirky storytelling.

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• Joro uses smartphones as sensors to track individuals’ real-time, granular carbon emissions and make better energy consumption decisions.

• The Mozambique School Lunch Initiative links agricultural investment to school feeding programs to improve food security.

• PERIOD. The Menstrual Movement advances menstrual equity through the global distribution of period products, and the engagement of a global network of campus chapters.

• SEA-CG leverages data science and climate modeling to undertake risk assessments of climate perils where weather measurement infrastructure is limited.

• Skillist connects talented job seekers without four-year degrees to high-paying jobs that value their skills.

• SPOUTS OF WATER (SPOUTS) manufactures and distributes affordable ceramic water filters to improve the access to clean drinking water in Uganda.

• Trey uses data to help high school athletes and their parents successfully navigate college athletic recruiting.


• AllHere is an app that increases K12 school attendance 10% a year by notifying families of student absenteeism and improving family engagement.

• BACprep is the first large-scale provider of affordable test prep services in francophone Africa.

• ClassForward uses its online video platform to provide teachers with evidence-based feedback from instructional coaches.

• Girls Health Champions uses peer-to-peer education to train adolescents in India in critical health topics.

• is a sharing-economy platform where teachers can share, sell and buy digital teaching resources such as lesson plans.

• IvyEdge offers virtual workshops and mentorship programs to help students develop their passions through hands-on, project-based learning.

• IvyHurdle is an ed-tech startup that provides elite college counseling at an affordable rate through near-peer mentoring.

• Koru Strategy Group provides customized and data-driven professional learning, strategic planning services, and coaching to schools and districts.

• Likha Collective is an EdTech company that will close the achievement gap using virtual reality to accelerate educator skill and unearth implicit bias and prejudice.

• PANAL teaches you how to start a company, with a personalized road map and curriculum, by doing one.

• Parachute Teachers is creating an on-demand marketplace of part-time teachers to provide flexible human capital to school districts.

• Profilum is a data-based recommendation system that helps parents and teachers select co-curriculum activities to maximize a child’s potential.

• Room2Learn is a design consultancy helping architects design smarter learning spaces using technology and research.

• Sparkle’s product is a STEM toy aimed at girls, intended to give girls an equal opportunity to fall in love with STEM through the power of play.

• StudyBuddy is a mobile app that helps students connect with classmates.

• Trajectory Hope is awakening educators awareness of bias regarding black male identities while shifting their mindsets, to amend school discipline outcomes for them.