BRAVE: FTX Meltdown, Entrepreneurial Failure and Woke Salaryman's Efficient Art vs. Algorithms

December 2022 Newsletter

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Thanks to your feedback, we’re experimenting with new community features. We’ll be testing a weekly round-table analysis of regional tech news and trends that is builder-centric, authentic and no-BS starting in January. Email us recommendations for any Indonesian or Vietnamese co-hosts that may be a good fit.

For founders leaving their startups to a new chapter in their lives or planning to wind down their teams, we’ll be hosting the Phoenix virtual offsite on January 14th, Saturday, 2-5 PM SGT. Reflections from founders who have transitioned earlier, personal group coaching and professional career advice. Pro bono and 100% confidential. Sign up here at and feel free to forward this to folks who may be interested.

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Valerie Vu successfully raised US$8 million for her new VC firm Ansible Ventures, which was featured in Tech in Asia. Check out her podcasts sharing her journey to the VC ecosystem and learning how to launch a podcast. 

Charlotte Trudgill was featured in Tech in Asia for raising Jackett’s seed round of US$1M led by Forge Ventures. Check out Charlotte’s podcast discussing how to handle career epiphanies. 



I have the utmost respect for people who fail because by going through all the stories of people brave enough to share their journeys, I learned what it took to make a business work and derail it. That fear is real. Fear keeps you alive, it stops you from being just completely reckless. So you need it.

Stay Brave,
Jeremy Au