BRAVE: $1.5 Trillion Green Investment Gap, Vietnam $24B Bank Bailout, Huawei Wolf Pack & Reset Your Hunger

June 2024 Newsletter

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BRAVE had a great time speaking and meeting listeners at e27’s Echelon X conference. We’re also excited to welcome Jianggan Li, CEO of Momentum Works and author of “Seeing the Unseen,” as a co-host covering China’s trade and strategic moves across Southeast Asia. If you know a local expert who understands either the Malaysia or Philippines market well, feel free to recommend someone!


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  • “Brilliant as always! Both SEA & SA are hierarchical societies. While some countries have evolved, hierarchy still trumps meritocracy in most countries. Zero-sum games have been the biggest barriers to growth. Keep sharing amazing content Jeremy!” - Chalinda Abeykoon
  • “It's fascinating to see the different dynamics at play in various ecosystems. Keep pushing boundaries.” - Sojy

Best Read

Mark Manson's "How to Be Happy" delves into the misconceptions about happiness, explaining that it isn't a state to achieve but an experience to inhabit. He illustrates how people are very poor judges of what will make them happy and often mistake pleasure for happiness. For myself, I find that true happiness comes from meaningful life experiences (especially with family), high purpose missions and deep connections with true friends.



“When my brother and I were growing up, my father would encourage us to fail. We’d sit around the dinner table and he’d ask, “What did you guys fail at this week?” If we had nothing to tell him, he’d be disappointed. The logic seems counterintuitive, but it worked beautifully. He knew that many people become paralyzed by the fear of failure. They’re constantly afraid of what others will think if they don’t do a great job and, as a result, take no risks. My father wanted us to try everything and feel free to push the envelope. His attitude taught me to define failure as not trying something I want to do instead of not achieving the right outcome.” - Sara Blakely



“Being brave means that when there isn't a path in front of you, you need to pave it. If your gut instinct tells you there’s something there, that’s great. If not, turn around and find another spot.” – Carlo Chen-Delantar

Growing up in Cebu, Philippines, Carlo was immersed in the entrepreneurial world from an early age. Weekends spent at his family's manufacturing plant taught him the ins and outs of exporting and supply chain management, and fostered a strong entrepreneurial spirit. By high school, he was already running his own small business, selling sneakers and hip-hop shirts. Carlo was inspired by Tom's Shoes during his college years and he later channeled this passion into building businesses with a strong focus on eco-fashion.

After seeing the devastating impact of Typhoon Yolanda on the Philippines in 2013, Carlo decided to change his career and lead the nonprofit Waves for Water to provide clean water access to over 2 million Filipinos. After seeing the power of technology, proper funding, and dedicated teams in creating significant social impact, Carlo now leads ESG in venture capital to allocate capital effectively towards positive social change.

Carlo's path unfolding through unexpected encounters reminds us to be open to new opportunities that can redefine our goals. It encourages us to seek broader impacts in our professional endeavors, be it through social entrepreneurship, strategic investments or whatever endeavor best fits your skills and passion.

Reflect on a time when an unexpected event significantly altered your career path. How did it shape your professional journey?

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Stay Brave!

Jeremy Au