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When The Egg Is Broken From The Inside, Life Begins

· Bonus Episodes,Purpose

“True change comes from within. Greatness awaits outside.” - Jeremy Au


Jeremy Au:

Think of a chicken egg. White, oval, fragile. When the egg is broken from the outside, life ends. When the egg is broken from the inside, life begins.

This story is about personal transformation.

The shell represents our fears. The inside holds our future potential.

The truth is, the shell protected us for a long, long time. Societal expectations kept us as children safe from external forces beyond our control. Yet under the surface, we kept growing, growing, growing. We then find our roles to become tight, constricting, and pressurizing.

That's when we must choose: to stay in our warm, dark wombs, or to break free from our shells and discover our true selves. To emerge into a new world full of light, freedom, and risk.

True change comes from within.

Greatness awaits outside.


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