BRAVE: Space Lawyer, Asia's Underdog Energy & Knowing When To Walk Away

Q1 2022 Newsletter

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Here’s your briefing on Southeast Asia tech’s future and rising stars. Real talk that’s short, sweet, and to the point.

Most Popular Episodes of Q1 2022

  • Calvin Chu on “Social Innovation, Consulting vs Startup Experience & Knowing When To Walk Away”: Calvin and I go way back as he was one of the earliest supporters of my first startup, Conjunct Consulting, by letting me use his pantry as our first office! As managing partner at Eden Strategy Institute, he leads strategy consulting focused on sustainable innovation. Here he shares that contrary to popular opinion, starting a business is not the most intimidating part and that it’s actually fun – it is when stakes are high and you might have to walk away that things get really serious.
  • Nellie Wartoft on “Serial Founder, Asia’s Underdog Energy & Not Cheaping Out”: Nellie shares how she was a kid who sold stones to her relatives, set up a lemonade stand, and questioned the curriculum. She talks about the turning point that persuaded her about Asia’s potential and never looking back on her move. Now she is the founder of the successful Tigerhall, a professional social learning platform, thanks to careful financial planning and being open to career pivots.
  • Chan Yuk Chi on “Space Lawyer, SE Asia Deep Tech & Science Fiction ClassicsYuk Chi grew up with a childhood love for space and science fiction that was sparked by his father bringing him to the opening night of Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones. He shares how he chose to study law because he was better at language than math, and eventually he found a way to make his passion and skills dovetail as an expert in international space law and public policy.
  • Bernadette Cho on “Chief of Staff Learnings, Leading Entrepreneur First & Saying Yes: Bernadette graduated with an arts degree studying political science and French and had never opened Excel before becoming a BCG consultant. She shares that in her transition to operator as Chief of Staff at both Grab and Funding Societies, she had to unlearn slide deck business proposals to accelerate velocity vs. the competition, proactively solve problems for founders, and helping teammates develop two-way organizational empathy.

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