BRAVE Q2: Popular SE Asia Founder, VC & Rising Star Journeys & Celebrating 10K Downloads

Q2 2021 Newsletter

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Hello everyone,

Real talk on Southeast Asia’s future, tech and rising stars. Short, sweet and to the point. 

Popular Podcasts of Q2

Shiyan Koh: Shiyan has a blast sharing how she became Managing Partner at Hustle Fund via sleeping on the couch for NerdWallet and learning from the best at Bridgewater. She shares great tips on how to choose your bosses, why learning acceleration is the key determinant for startup success and how to build trust as a founder with your investor. 

Albert Lie: Xendit’s founding teammate and #1 engineering hire is now exploring new opportunities. Albert shares why he then chose an unsexy market in Indonesia over more prestigious big tech opportunities. He shares how engineering leadership scales, how Xendit’s regional expansion was driven by customer requests, and the difficulties he faced in launching the Philippines team.

Janine Teo: Janine, CEO of Solve Education!, shares about how she was tricked into working and coding as a kid by her father, moving to France as a computer engineer, managing Marriott hotels around the world and her side hustles. She shares how she was inspired by Peng T. Ong at Monk’s Hill Ventures to step up as an edtech founder for Indonesia and the world to tackle the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Gregory Van: CEO & Co-Founder of Endowus, one of Asia’s leading fee-only wealth management platforms with a recently announced $23M Series A, shares about why he is so incredibly driven to improve investing accessibility for Singapore and Southeast Asia. We learn about how his grandfather nurtured and inspired him as a child to later found his own startup. 

Ricky Willianto: Ricky, founder and CEO of Ravenry, shares about how the Asian Financial Crisis bankrupted his father’s small Indonesia business and how he became entrepreneurial as a kid and teenager to help his family. We discuss the unexpected upsides and downsides of bootstrapping and focusing on product first.

Sudhir Thomas Vadaketh: Sudhir is one of Singapore’s most independent commentators. His training at The Economist kickstarted his journey to now found a new media startup. As an entrepreneur of ideas, he shares his ringside observations in seeing the traditional media industry being upended by the digital revolution. This turned out to be prescient in light of Singapore’s flagship newspaper’s restructuring announcement. He also coins the new phrase “Freedom To Listen.”

Changelog & Feedback

Thanks for all the feedback! We’ve taken the time to revamp the show art, website design, intro and outro sound design and double our release frequency to twice a week. We’re also happy to share that we’ve reached 10K unique downloads! Thanks for all your support :) 

Feel free to reply to this email and let us know any great founders, VCs or rising stars from Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines who may be a great fit for the show! 


Jeremy Au & Adriel Yong