Soul Defragmentation & Choosing Our Narrative - E313

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“We too, can decide to defragment our souls. We, as humans, always get to choose who we eventually become.” - Jeremy Au


Jeremy Au:

We use our computers everyday. These machines automatically write data to the first available storage space on our hard drives. However, this system becomes increasingly fragmented over time due to the addition and deletion of data. That’s why we defragment and rearrange this scattered data into organized, linear blocks for better computing performance.

Throughout life, we too also accumulate diverse experiences, memories and beliefs. Yet, these identities increasingly fragment as we grow older and enter a new stage of life. We hold onto disjointed pieces of who we once were and outdated hopes of who we thought we should have become.

We too can decide to defragment our souls. Rewrite the scattered bits and pieces of ourselves into fresh storylines that better serve our current selves. The truth is, these new linear narratives will fragment again in the years ahead. But that’s the beauty of it. We as humans always get to choose who we eventually become.