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September 2023 Newsletter

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Happy to share that we’ve now hit 30,000+ followers across the podcast, TikTok and other channels! Based on listener requests, we now cover 3 episodes per week: Monday weekly tech news covering the region, Wednesday guest changement interviews and Friday bite-sized insights and Q&As. Thanks for all the support and feel free to reply to this email with any feedback on how to improve.

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Happy to announce the successful launch of BRAVE’s Cofounder Matching event on August 24th! It was an incredible experience connecting 58 ambitious individuals in the startup ecosystem. A huge thank you to Jingjing Zhong and Adriel Yong for helping organize the event. Thanks to participant feedback, we’re improving on the format and are looking forward to sharing about the next event. We also had a great BRAVE founder community hike at HortPark on August 27.

Kenneth Lou, Cofounder & CEO of Mito Health, has been spotlighted in The Peak magazine for his longevity startup’s advances, research and advocacy for preventive health. Check out his episode on what he learned from his Seedly exit and the transformative Vipassana meditation break that led to him to launch his second startup.

Grace Sai, Cofounder & CEO of Unravel Carbon, was featured in CDO Trends for her partnership with Snowflake Data Cloud to offer businesses rapid insights into their carbon footprints and transform the decarbonization process from months to seconds. Check out her episode on her entrepreneurial childhood, the significance of 'founder-market fit,' and adhering to data-driven approaches in business.


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Best Read / Best Watch

Perun's video “The Black Sea & The Naval War in Ukraine" portrays the complex geopolitical and military tangle between Ukraine and Russia over the Black Sea, an indispensable conduit for their agricultural exports. These two countries are an indispensable foundation of international food supply, contributing 12% of all food calories traded globally (​​e.g. wheat, maize, sunflower oil, and fertilizer). The collapse of the 2022 deal to protect agricultural exports via the Black Sea has caused rising food price inflation which is especially felt by the poor and middle-class in emerging economies. This has driven growing domestic instability as well as governmental action to improve food security like India’s recent rice export ban. Absent of a deal, this pressure will continue to increase and increasingly impact Southeast Asia.


The line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties, either – but right through every human heart.” Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


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