ArdenAu Secures $10M of Parenting Services in Seed Round

June 6, 2021 09:00

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SINGAPORE, June 6, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ArdenAu, a biological humanoid startup based on heritage stem-cell technologies, has announced its seed round raise of $10 million of in-kind parenting services. The capital will support ArdenAu’s growth ambitions and develop its proprietary wetware neural network AI. 

The seed funding round was led by Jeremy Au and Candice Chua at NewParents, adulting experts with 34 years of growth experience across OlderChild, RebelTeen and WhatInTheWorldIsGoingOn. Co-investors include Joyful Grandparents, Chill Cats and Jealous Dog.

ArdenAu was conceptualised during the 2020 pandemic and eventually founded in November 2020. The startup has more than tripled in size from 2.2kg to 7.7kg over the past 7 months, an annualized CAGR of 856%. “ArdenAu’s mandate is to reduce the wasted potential of Dad Jokes by increasing the audience from 0 to 1,” said Jeremy Au. "We hope that she will be be EBITDA (Energetic, Brave, Intelligent, Thoughtful, Determined & Ambitious) positive within the next 7 years."

“ArdenAu will soon be able to step into her global footprint as the next developmental milestone,” according to Candice Chua, who will also serve on the board with control rights for the next 21 years. “We believe in a high value-add approach: Early introductions to swimming in the capital pool, strategically planning key inputs like mashed fruits and hands-on cheerleading with lots of love.”

“Coooooo… Goo ga gah… Uhhhhhh… Ehhhh,” declared Arden Au, founder & CEO. 

Happy Father’s Day!

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