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    BRAVE10: The Singapore Edition

    This book anthology showcases the top 10 journeys of Singapore's technology leaders. Foreword written by Alvin Tan, Minister of State for Trade & Industry. Profits are donated to The Codette Project, which helps minority women break into tech and improve the diversity of our startup ecosystem.

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    11 oz ceramic mug with a sleek black finish. 3.85″ × 3.35″, the perfect size for your morning brew or evening tea. Designed for everyday convenience—safe for both microwave and dishwasher use.

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    Black Cap

    Crafted from 100% bio-washed chino cotton twill. The adjustable self-fabric hideaway strap closure ensures a snug fit for head circumferences of 21″–21.57″ (53.3 cm–54.8 cm).

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    Black Polo Shirt

    Red "BRAVE" logo at the left side of the chest. Made from 100% bio-washed chino cotton twill, this polo shirt offers both resilience and a soft touch.

  • “Courage is what we all need now to remake a better society and economy post-pandemic. A timely read about leaders who have stewarded their time, talent and teams to create a city of good. I also salute the BRAVE team for donating the profits to support a more inclusive digital ecosystem.”

    Melissa Kwee, CEO at National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre

    “Startups involve many tough choices and I’m glad more Southeast Asians are taking risks and starting companies. This BRAVE Singapore Edition will inspire the next generation to transform millions of lives for the better with technology.”


    Peng T. Ong, Founding Partner at Monk's Hill Ventures

    "BRAVE makes a compelling case that beyond capital, purpose is the true scarce resource. These pioneers are thus driven to live on the edge with grit and perseverance. You will finish the book and ask yourself, "What is my why?"​

    Carmen Yuen, Partner at Vertex Ventures

    "This anthology of diverse voices represents the vibrancy of Singapore's tech landscape. Reading this book will excite you about what the future holds for the whole community." ​

    Juliana Chan, Founder & CEO at Wildtype Media

    "A must-read for those wanting a behind-the-scenes view of tough personal and professional decisions. Learning the reality prepares aspiring leaders for the difficult yet rewarding journey ahead."

    Mohan Belani, Founder & CEO at e27
  • Startups are key engines of innovation. They help create new products and services to address unmet market needs, transform existing industries, create new ones, and accelerate the shift towards an innovation-driven economy. Tech startups, in particular, have catalysed the move towards digitalisation.

    Working in the tech space is fun, fresh and exciting, but it also requires grit, tenacity, hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit. Things are never static. They change rapidly and you need to adjust, pre-empt and act. I’ve experienced this first hand working at companies like Facebook (now Meta) and LinkedIn (Microsoft) before I joined the government. You have to always be on your toes.

    Jeremy’s BRAVE10 Inaugural Anthology features 10 tech leaders from Singapore, all of whom were on Jeremy’s renowned BRAVE Southeast Asia Tech Podcast. I’ve met some of the names on the list, and have learned from their own tech startup journey.

    A key theme in the anthology that stood out for me is the importance of building a strong mentoring culture. I’m happy to know that several of the featured tech leaders like Yiping were beneficiaries of mentorship, and are now paying it forward to help other younger leaders in the tech space. This spirit of paying it forward will help our startup ecosystem to continue to flourish. Having been a beneficiary of mentoring myself, I know what a difference mentors can make.

    Another important theme that the anthology highlighted is the need for greater diversity and inclusion in the tech sector. I believe our tech landscape will only become more vibrant and exciting if we are able to encourage people of diverse backgrounds, cultures and experiences to contribute and share their ideas. I was personally inspired by the journey taken by some of the tech leaders like Sandhya, Nurul and Jonathan who had to overcome various obstacles on their journey to where they are today. Their backgrounds and experiences inspire.

    Thank you Jeremy and Adriel for taking time to painstakingly document the stories of these outstanding and intrepid tech leaders. These stories have and will inspire generations of tech leaders to come, and serve as a repository of knowledge for those who follow. I cannot wait to see how these stories inspire innovation and enterprise!


    Alvin Tan