• Code of Conduct

    Founder Empathy

    Startups are hard, and fundraising is rough. I have been in your shoes as a founder. Therefore, I am transparent about my thinking, process, conflicts of interest, competitors in our portfolio or the likelihood of an investment.

    Mutual Respect

    I respect your time by maximizing remote meetings, being on time and letting you know in advance about delays. I read and understand all materials that you send me at least one day before. I focus on you (and not my phone or email) during our meetings.


    I educate before I negotiate. I am frank about the market range for investment terms. I seek a fair equity stake in your business that incentivizes the best spread of startup outcomes. If we have partnered, I will act in the best interests of the company.

  • How To Use Jeremy

    Honestly, most investors over-promise and under-deliver. I'd rather just promise and deliver:

    1. Product-market fit, unit economics and business models discussions
    2. Fundraising your next round by building a great deck storyboard, target list and pitch coaching
    3. Launch, marketing and distribution strategy (mostly using podcasts, influencers and word-of-mouth)
    4. Saying great things about you to press, prospective talent, and other investors
    5. Referring in talent or introductions across my network from time to time
    6. Getting out of your way to do what you think is best for the company
    7. Nurturing peer founder community and support

    You can add other investors better at:

    • Engineering or technical leadership
    • Product or UX design
    • Being a dedicated talent recruiter
    • Financial accounting, systems and taxes
    • Understanding Europe, Africa or South America as end-markets

    Inspired by Sahil Lavingia

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