BRAVE: SE Asia VC Winter, Founder Learning Curves & Depression vs. Healing

September 2022 Newsletter

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Hello everyone,

We’re happy to have launched our book BRAVE10 featuring the top 10 tech leadership journeys in Singapore! We had a tremendous kickoff with over 100 attendees hosted by our guest-of-honor Minister Alvin Tan. Get your autographed hardcover here at, as there’s less than 50 copies left! Book profits are donated to The Codette Project, a local non-profit helping minority women break into technology. We’re happy to have been covered across The Straits Times, Mediacorp and CNA 93.8FM

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Community News

We would like to congratulate Jacqui Hocking, CEO of VS Story for the recent acquisition by Singaporean full-service global communications agency, Redhill. Check out her podcast sharing about how she fell in love with the environment and storytelling.

We would also like to congratulate Anthea Ong, former Singapore Member of Parliament for the release of the new book, The Nominated Member of Parliament Scheme: Are Unelected Voices Still Necessary in Parliament?. Listen to Anthea share how she overcame both personal and financial collapse and why courage is a muscle.

Quote of the Month

"In the beginning, your skills are raw, your knowledge is sparse, and you lack experience. At best, you will be able to produce work that is "just okay." And even then, you'll only manage to reach "just okay" by giving your best effort.

Nobody wants to produce something that is "just okay." You'll feel like it's beneath your standards. You'll worry about what others think of you. You'll wonder whether you would be better off taking a different path. But it is impossible to reach that stage unless you are willing to work through your current stage.

And so, one of the main obstacles between who you are and who you could be is courage. The courage to keep trying even if you're not yet as good as you hope. The courage to keep trying despite your fears of what others may think. The courage to keep trying without knowing how the future will unfold.

Your great work is on the other side of your early work. The only way to be exceptional later on is to have the courage to be "just okay" right now. This is how it is for everyone." – James Clear

Stay Brave,

Jeremy Au