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    "I personally find it a great way to stay in touch with everything that's happening in tech and venture in Southeast Asia. I currently live in the US and I'm in tech and venture, but I don't get to look at Southeast Asia, and so it's been a great gateway back home. It's been very exciting and it's full of personal stories and practical sort of examples of what's being built, and it's made me feel that little bit closer to investing back in the region."

    Aaron Fu, Founding Partner of Sherpa Ventures

    "I'm impressed by the coverage and the insightful conversations with the key figures in the ecosystem. The podcast offers a valuable perspective on Southeast Asia investments. It's well-structured, including the regular updates and the thought-provoking weekly conversation between Jeremy and Shiyan. It's now an essential resource for me to be able to stay updated on the latest trends and investors' concerns. I also like the summary on the WhatsApp channel, which provides a convenient way to catch up with tech news if time is limited. I highly recommend the podcast to people who have a career in VC and to those who just started their career in the Southeast Asia tech scene because it helps in understanding how the tech scene in Southeast Asia works. I wish this podcast existed when I was still a university student because I would've been so interested to know more about the tech scene in the region."

    Yuhan Xie, Investment Analyst at Burda Principal Investments

    "Several reasons attract me to the BRAVE podcast and keep me coming back. One is the fact that it's very Southeast Asia-focused. While there are a lot of podcasts that I've been listening to on Spotify, they're more generic, more global, and more US-centric. Jeremy does a great job of deep-diving into the right questions. He recently did one on the sale of Tech in Asia, which is a big newsletter here in Singapore, after that sale, when everyone has fresh questions on their mind. He dug into the right questions to examine the sale and whether that was the right price and offered a lot of insights that I hadn't thought about before."

    Vincent Xu, Cofounder of AetherIoT

    "I'm a huge fan of your podcast and also how MHV has made an impact in the startup scene! I love the guests you have onboard as well as the diverse topics you cover! Definitely encourage us to be brave!"

    @Eric Chan Jq

    Hey Jeremy, how are you doing? Been a bit delayed as I've been travelling but just had a chance to hear our podcast. Your questions and curiosity really helped me to bring out the nuances of how I go about the swim and the nuances of the mental game. I don't think I've ever been able to shared so much detail and thought behind the swim before. Hope it was interesting to your listeners too! I'll certainly share it among my friends, fellow swimmers and also some other swimmers I've met who're going to attempt the Channel. Thank you again for the chance to do this - really enjoyed it!

    @Li Ling Yung

    The podcast with Tech in Asia was a goldmine for us. Will explain why when we meet next. But thanks for covering someone from our industry. It helped define who not to target in our GTM for starters.

    @Abhishek Dadoo

    The podcast with Tech in Asia was a goldmine for us. Will explain why when we meet next. But thanks for covering someone from our industry. It helped define who not to target in our GTM for starters.

    @Abhishek Dadoo

    I just listened to your latest pod with Shiyan. Great episode! It's interesting to me because I'm launching a new startup on perimenopause and I wonder if I will get the same response from male investors.

    @Cheraine Escott

    I just wanted to say I really enjoyed the videos you have made, speaking to industry experts, covering personal topics and sides we don't normally hear and see from the public eye! A lot of times, we cover the successful people, people with tractions, but not so much on people who failied or people who just began, talking about how hard it is to take the journet. It's the ugly truth that matters, the glamorized reality dazed a lot of people entering the industry thinking it's all glitz and glamor but it's not at all, especially during winter period like today.

    @Anthony Tjajadi

    Hey Jeremy, hope things are going well mate. A bit of a fun one but wanted to say thanks for all the effort in creating such good content! Turns out I'm a top 1% listener of BraveSEA according to Spotify wrapped. Loving the monthly spotlight on Vietnam too with Valerie. Cheers!

    @David Lai