Forbes "2 Under 2": Raden & Arden Au

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SINGAPORE, April 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – Forbes has unveiled its inaugural annual “2 Under 2” list, featuring two young trailblazers across the Asia-Pacific region, all under the age of 2, who are disrupting the status quo for their parents’ lives amidst the global financial, geopolitical and inflationary crisis.

The Forbes 2 Under 2 Class of 2022 features 2 exceptional honorees selected for winning all 10 categories simultaneously, including The Arts (Messy Dinner Rorschach Test); Entertainment & Sports (Surprisingly Fast Waddling Escapes From Distracted Caregivers); Finance & Venture Capital (Starting Expensive Nursery – Wait… How Can Four Hours Cost This Much?!?); Media, Marketing & Advertising (Looking Cute on Instagram & Farming Likes); Retail & Ecommerce (How Many Toys & Gifts Can Their Grandparents Buy?); Transportation & Logistics (Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round…); Industry, Manufacturing & Energy (Converting Energy To Biowaste); Healthcare & Science (Definitely Antivax. Waaaaaah!); and Social Impact and Consumer Technology (Still Winning Hearts and Minds, Regardless Of The Above).

“Every year, we are more and more inspired by the growing number of young people who have made it their mission to change their parents’ world through innovative nap times, entrepreneurialism to demand more blueberries, and drive to escape their car seats no matter what. This year’s class is no exception,” said Candice Chua, co-creator of the Forbes 2 Under 2 franchise.

Among the remarkable individuals is Raden Au, #1 Infant In The Household, who is exploring new horizons during stroller walks. Arden Au, former winner of the infant category, has now moved on to clinch both the #1 Toddler and Mildly Jealous Older Sister categories. She had previously been featured for securing $10M USD of parenting services in her seed round.

Jeremy Au, Forbes 2 Under 2 co-creator, said: “The Forbes 2 Under 2 list has become the preeminent dad joke outlet for the most up-and-coming-and-can’t-sleep parents this home has to offer – and we can’t wait to see what these honorees will surprise us with next. Help…”

About Forbes 2 Under 2

The 2022 list features a diverse set of 2 Under 2 honorees, with 1 country represented globally. Selected from 2 nominations, a record number for the list, researched by 1 family from across the world and vetted by the same parenting amateurs. This select group of relentless individuals are breaking down barriers dividing work and family, and tackling major developmental milestones. The criteria for honorees making the list include their demonstration of consciousness, how they embody child-like curiosity, size and height of the ventures and potential for rapid & organic growth. Honorees were vetted and selected by a panel of exhausted and totally unbiased judges. They include Candice Chua, Founding Partner of Pasta, Gelato and Din Tai Fung Consumption and Jeremy Au, Bored Observer of Pregnancy and Trustee of Playtime.

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