Bain Net Promoter Score Study: "Decoding Family Dynamics With Toddler Insights"

SINGAPORE, April 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ – Bain & Company has released the findings of its latest groundbreaking research study: "Decoding Family Dynamics with Toddler Insights." Leveraging the Net Promoter Score (NPS) system, traditionally used to measure customer experience and predict business growth, Bain has applied this metric to the Au family unit, revealing unprecedented data on familial loyalty and satisfaction from the perspective of a three-year-old, Arden.

In this innovative study, the lead author Jeremy Au asked Arden “How much do you love X (family member) on a scale of 1-10.” The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a highly regarded tool that asks respondents to rate their likelihood of recommending a company, product, or service to friends or family. Scores are typically on a scale from 0 to 10, with ratings of 9-10 classified as 'Promoters,' 7-8 as 'Passives,' and 0-6 as 'Detractors.'

"Mommy" and "Grandma" emerged as top-tier family members, both securing a perfect score of 10, firmly establishing them as the leaders of the household with their Promoter scores. This suggests a strong foundational bond and high levels of satisfaction within these relationships, driven by an optimal mix of love, cuddle-time, and story book reading.

"Ah Gong" (grandfather) scored a commendable 9, suggesting a special bond that could be attributed to leading tea time with home-baked bread with almond butter, and allowing Arden to watch golf and other TV with him after dinner.

"Daddy" received a solid score of 8, positioning him well within the 'Passive' range. Positives included dancing together to the songs of Cinderella, tossing Arden in the air and being a willing patient to be “prodded” and “injected”. However, strong negatives were being a disciplinarian and switching the TV from Cocomelon to Mandarin language cartoons.

On the sibling front, "Mei Mei Raden" received a score of 7, placing her in the 'Passive' category and dead last in the family. While still acceptable as an occasional playtime partner, this indicates significant room for improvement in sibling relations, e.g. by never asking to share, and to immediately hand over whatever toy she has whenever Arden demands it.

"Nai Nai" (paternal grandmother) received an astonishing 16 (out of 10), breaking the traditional scale and setting a new benchmark for grandparental excellence. This underscored the significant impact of repeatedly bringing gifts like princess dresses, introducing new games like “Horsie”, and always making both daughters laugh until they cry.

This pioneering study by Bain & Company not only showcases the versatility of the NPS system but also highlights the nuanced nature of family dynamics as seen through the eyes of a toddler. This study was conducted in partnership with BRAVE Southeast Asia Tech Podcast. For media inquiries, please contact: April Foolery, Director of Unconventional Insights

P.S. Yes, all these numerical scores are real!